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What Are THEY Experts In?

What an interesting story our podcast guest, Mark Cheverton, has.  A former physics teacher, he is now a NYT best selling author of children’s novels.  Published in 31 countries in 19 languages, his books (and there are over 20 of them!) are novels based on Minecraft.  One lesson he’s learned along the way about kids and writing: they enjoy writing about things in which they are experts.  Mark has created short writing mini-lesson videos for students about the science of writing, like sentence structure and character development.  Students enjoy learning from an actual, very approachable, author!
Podcast with Mark:https://myedexpert.com/ep-21-from-physics-teacher-to-best-selling-author/
Mark’s bio & resources on our site: https://myedexpert.com/vendor/Cheverton/

Getting kids to love writing is a big part of Angela Stockman‘s world as well. Her portfolio is packed with open resources, like Creative Writing Catalysts, Maker Moves, and Building Writing Notebooks.

Kristina Smekens is a national presenter/literacy expert who has tremendous writing resources on our site – for every subject.  Open downloads such as 20 Ways to Add Details, Summary Writing Frames, and Transitions.  Greatly appreciate all the valuable resources she’s posted for all educators!

FABULOUS! GRAB THIS NOWRebecca Coda & co-author Rick Jetter are experts in student voice.  You will LOVE Rebecca’s new open download called “Student Voice Teacher Brag Tags.” These are tags that STUDENTS use to provide feedback to their teachers.  They give US some kudos…and perhaps a recommendation or two. ALL SUBJECTS – ALL GRADES

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