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Henry Ford’s Not Hiring Anymore

Henry Ford paid well, especially for 1914.  Workers received today’s equivalent of $120 per day ($5 back then…)  What skills were sought in new hires?  Largely, the ability to effectively perform a repetitive, specialized task all day long.  

Today. employers are looking for quite different applicants.  In multiple surveys, these sought after traits emerge:  problem-solving, thinking analytically, creative thinking, the ability to work well in a team, and leadership skills.  

Preparation for today’s workforce takes practice in these skills.

For your consideration:

Louise Miller is an expert in Socratic seminars.  On our site, she has graciously contributed guides for eight frequently read novels, including Night and To Kill a Mockingbird.  She also has a handy guide to Socratic Seminars.  Here’s that link:

Gerald Aungst refers to himself as a “Curiosity Engineer.”  In that vein, he has a framework for keeping learners curious, as well as “Creating Cool and Curious Characters.”

Erik Francis is an expert and author on critical thinking and rigor.  His “Bloom’s Taxonomy Questioning Pyramid” and “What Exactly is Depth of Knowledge” belong in every educator’s toolkit…

STEM expert/author Ann Kaiser has posted 3 design modules: Sustainable Design, Engineering Naturally, and Engineering Lemonade & a wonderful “Innovative NGSS Project Guide.” Head here:  https://bit.ly/2NVgjgP

So, go forth and think, create, problem solve, collaborate and lead.  Oh, and thank you for supporting evidence based practices.

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