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Ep 10 Full STEAM Ahead – What Would Leonardo daVinci Do?

Full STEAM Ahead: What Would Leonardo daVinci Do?
A Conversation with STEM Author Carolyn DeCristofano

Wow – there’s a LOT going on in science education right now.  Next Generation Science Standards and new state standards can bring challenges, but also opportunities for wonderment and creativity.  The insightful and talented STEM author/consultant Carolyn DeCristofano makes this feel so DOABLE.  Carolyn herself used to think, “Hey, what’s art got to do with science?” Her mentor (and the subject of one of her books) for the “A” in STEAM? Leonardo daVinci.  Carolyn is simply masterful in her implantation of “cross-cutting content,” central to new standards.  The author of numerous STEM books, watch for the upcoming release of her new one, Running on Sunshine How Does Solar Energy Work? 

• Carolyn has shared many open resources on our site: https://myedexpert.com/vendor/bhstemed/
• Her website: http://bhstemed.us/
• Carolyn also mentions “STEM Tuesday”

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