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Ep 21 – From Physics Teacher to Best-Selling Author

From Physics Teacher to Best-Selling Author
A Conversation with Mark Cheverton

Former physics teacher Mark Cheverton’s novels have been published in 31 countries and 19 languages; in fact, he’s a New York Times best-selling author.  He shares some of his insights about getting students excited about reading and writing. His books are Minecraft novels, and have intriguing titles like Invasion of the Overworld and Bones of Doom. He’s learned that kids often have a fear of writing, because they worry about making mistakes, or being wrong.  What’s he’s learned: when students are experts in a topic, the writing seems to flow…which is why students love to read and write about Minecraft.  The author has created mini-writing lessons for teachers and students – the “science” of writing.  These short, approachable videos feature Mark himself talking about things like character development, sentence structure, and authentic audience.  Listen for how he uses his writing to develop attributes that contribute to success…he began that practice as a path to instill life lessons in his son.  Cool listen. And thanks, Mark for adding some of your writing resources to our site! 

• Mark’s bio and resources

• Mark’s website

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• Mark mentions National Novel Writing Month



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