Getting Started (Contributors)

Step 1: Office Setup

Once you are an approved contributor, the next step is to log in and set up your office! You can do this by either by going to your Dashboard, then clicking the Profile tab, or selecting the Profile page directly from the menu that appears when you mouse over your user name at the top of the page (note: you must first be logged in).

On the profile page, you may add your personal avatar, office title, office page banner (like you would on your Facebook page), a contact email for customers, your detailed bio, and a personal website URL of your own.

Step 2: Adding Items

After your office is set up, it’s time to start adding your items! From your Dashboard, click the Add Product tab. Alternatively, you may directly go to the Add Product page by moving your mouse over the front office icon (next to the shopping cart at the top of the page) and clicking on Upload from the fly out menu.

On the new item page, you will add things like the title, the description, category information, images, pricing, and the downloadable item itself. Once that is filled out to your liking, it will be submitted for approval. After it is approved, it will then be visible on the site and ready to be browsed.

Notes & Tips

Please insure that any photos you upload are in the common image format of JPG or PNG (not PDF, GIF, or BMP).

If you need some assistance with stock photos to use for your items or office, there are a number of sites on the web that offer free to use stock photography. Here are a few:
PexelsPixabayStockSnap, & FreeRange

To keep the site page layouts consistent, it is necessary for the system to resize your image(s) to a specific dimension and crop any remainders. It is not required that you pre-size your photos, but doing so will likely improve how they look on the site. Click here to see the ideal size for item images, or here to see a sample office banner.

A good product image goes a long way! While you do not have to upload multiple images to show your item, you must at least upload one which will represent your item (the poster image). Try to use something visually interesting that might encourage a potential looker to click on your lesson. A quality image can also reflect the quality of your content.

Some contributors will be including more than one file with their lesson while others will have just one. To simplify, your lesson file(s) are required to be zipped (archived) before uploading them. Doing this bundles multiple files into one as well as compresses them saving space which makes them faster to download.

Set up your office by going to the profile page.

Add new items by going to the Upload page.

How to Zip Files

The examples below show how to zip your lesson files before you upload them. Select the file (or files) you want to include with your item, and then right-click on the selection. For PCs, select “Send to” and then “Compressed (zipped) folder” on the fly out menu. For Macs, select “Compress (#) items” or “Compress (filename)” on the fly out.

Click above to show how to zip files using a PC.

Click above to show how to zip files using a Mac.