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Encore Presentation: Google Between Their Ears

Encore Presentation:  Google Between Their Ears
A Conversation with Laurel Schmidt

“Let’s be curious together” is the approach this inquiry-based learning expert embraces.  Early in her teaching career, she realized that the weight of pacing guides – what she was expected to “cover” – was daunting.  This realization led her to the understanding that the most valuable thing that she could teach students was HOW to think.  The session begins with fascinating insights on the “caveman” brain and how we can use this knowledge to nurture deep, analytical thinkers.  Look for the tidbit on exactly how long educators can endure silence or wait time – wow! Also, the unintended role of the “designated learner,” the one or two students who answer most of the questions.  This is a session that is so inspired that educators can walk into class with new perspectives – armed with open-ended questions.

• Laurel’s website:  www.artandinquiry.com

Laurel has graciously posted an entire chapter on the inquiry approach to teaching called “Don’t Take No (Or Yes) For an Answer:  The Art of Inquiry” and other wonderful materials that are all open downloads here.

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