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What’s The Big Idea?

Get your lessons done, attend a meeting, respond to emails, attend another meeting, post materials, attend another meeting…

Big ideas can get lost in a swirl of “To Do” lists.  But educators are world changers – our passion is what keeps us going.  To fan that passion – to stoke intellectual curiosity – here are some big ideas…things to think about. 

For your consideration:  

A positive plan for closing academic gaps is the approach of author Suzy Pepper Rollins.  A non-stop focus on deficits can, in her view, break students.  A more tactical approach is presented, in which students move forward.

Teaching 21st Century Skills is presented by author Todd Stanley.  Employers are seeking creative and critical thinkers who can work collaboratively.  How do we get them there?

Incredibly timely, author Mary Cay Ricci has 2 resources for you on growth mindsets. In addition, check out her professional learning document utilized to discuss equitable access to advanced learning opportunities for students.

ELL expert Beth Skelton has an incredibly valuable chart on stages of language acquisition.  She has made this editable so that educators can add the names of students to the chart. 

Just for math peeps:  From the brain of Jerry Burkhart:  “10 Myths That Hold Bright Math Students Back.”

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My Ed Expert is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) based in Athens, Georgia. We are dedicated to these principles: All children can be successful, evidence-based instruction can make all the difference in the world, and we prefer that resources be free to teachers. (Ours are graciously donated by educational authors.)  

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