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5 Must Haves to Light Up Learning

Across subjects & grade levels, there are practices that boost student achievement, engagement, the joy of learning, and the sense of community.

The handpicked list of incandescent resources below will brighten your instructional world.  So, watt (sorry!) are you waiting for? Let’s get those learners’ circuits glowing! 

For your consideration:  

Savanna Flakes is an expert in inclusion & literacy.  Her 6-page booklet of SEL resources belongs in every K-12 educator’s toolkit.

Fan favorite Todd’s Stanley‘s 8 Choice Boards fit perfectly into every K-12 teacher’s great practices.  Choice is often viewed as the “Great Motivator.” And while Todd’s expertise is gifted ed, menus are the perfect remedy for students who are not jumping in today.  They get to choose what to do!

What in the world are our students thinking? “100  Ideas for Activating Student Voice” is a treasure of ways to bring our learners into the fold.  What things at school are working for you? What could we change? For all K-12 educators and leaders, Thanks, Dr. Rick Jetter!


Kathleen McClaskey is an author/expert in personalized learning.  The two downloads she has shared have been downloaded countless times around the world.  “Stages of Personalized Learning Environments” is a
must have…

Erik Francis is an expert and author on critical thinking and rigor.  His “Bloom’s Taxonomy Questioning Pyramid” and “What Exactly is Depth of Knowledge” is a daily utilized reference in planning.

Thank you for lighting up the world with your talents!

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