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Fun Facts About Turkeys & Fabulous (FREE!) Resources

Admit it! You know that you want to get a “leg up” on your turkey knowledge in order to be the star of the Zoom dinner table this year! Jot down Fact or Fib for each of these statements about turkeys…answers at the end.  How much do you REALLY know about turkeys? 

  1. A turkey’s gender can be discovered by examining the shape of their droppings.
  2. Female turkeys prefer males with long snoods.  (That will get them a right swipe on turkey dating apps!)
  3. Baby turkeys are called chicks.
  4. Turkeys are actually just very large chickens.
  5. Only male turkeys gobble.

Answers:  1. Fact 2. Fact 3. Fib 4. Fib 5. Fact
Source:  www.Smithsonianmag.com

Super thankful for all of the contributions made by our fabulous authors.  But mostly, thankful for educators who make a difference every day.

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We are grateful for you!

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