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Putting Students First: Resources that Help

A marquee at a local school simply says. “We Miss You.” Of course,  educators worry about any academic gaps that may present themselves as a result of this lengthy remote learning experience. But mostly, we worry about them.  How are students fairing?  What are ways that we can support them when they return? 

Savanna Flakes‘ expertise is in inclusion and literacy, but her Social-Emotional Learning Resource Guide is for EVERY toolkit.  This 6-page booklet includes marvelous strategies for SEL processes.  Thank you, Savanna, for this important piece!

Author Rebecca Coda believes in hearing and responding to student voices and “unraveling the mysteries that lie within each student.”  Her easily implementable resources mirror her beliefs, such as brag tags for kids and “Let Them Speak” commitment cards. https://bit.ly/2LxpOSt

Some students are reluctant to do their best – they dim their intellectual lights to stay off the radar. Todd Stanley‘s “The Unopened Gift” is a conversation guide to help student delve more deeply into this issue..  Link is to Part 1. https://myedexpert.com/item/the-unopened-gift-part-1/
Choices are a key motivational tool for students.  Check out these examples from Todd as well:  https://myedexpert.com/item/8-examples-of-choice-boards/

The list would not be complete without mentioning author Mary Cay Ricci‘s “Fixed to Growth Mindset Statements for Parents” & a “Growth Mindset Reflection Form for Educators.” 3rd week on the list, but it keeps getting gobs of downloads.

But about those academics… There may be a tendency to provide whole scale remediation when students return.  Who wants to head back to school for that? A tactical, positive plan for schools has been crafted by Suzy Pepper Rollins. This packet includes: a) Summary b) Slides c) Planning Organizer
Here’s the link:  https://myedexpert.com/item/planning-for-gaps/

Thank you for supporting evidence based practices!
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