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Original Ideas for the Intellectually Curious

The wonder of learning. The adventure of tackling something new.  The possibilities of what’s left to be discovered. The joy of constructing something original.  Instilling and nurturing intellectual curiosity: it’s what we do…

Author Jerry Burkhart is simply a treasure.  His resources explore the wonder, and adventure of math.  Jerry just contributed a mountain of his resources to our site.  Intrepid math & deep algebra projects are all now open access.  Our deepest gratitude to Jerry for sharing these! Tell every math teacher you know that these game-changers are available!

The fact that author Gerald Aungst lists his job description as a “Curiosity Engineer” is telling.  Writing teachers:  you will love his “Creating Cool & Curious Characters.”  Thanks, Gerald, for this captivating contribution.

A totally original take on leadership:  Who would even think of creating leadership profiles based on swim strokes? Hmm…that would be coauthors  Dr. Rick Jetter & Rebecca Coda. Dive in!

Bracing for gaps after extended remote learning? Author Suzy Pepper Rollins has prepared a strategic plan to support students when they return…and it’s NOT remediating a futile laundry list of prerequisite skills!  This packet includes: a) Summary b) Slides c) Planning Organizer
Here’s e link:  https://myedexpert.com/item/planning-for-gaps/

Thank you for supporting evidence based practices!

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