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About That Class You Took On How To Teach During a Pandemic…

Remember that course you took in college about how to respond to a pandemic in which students miss school for months? Yeah, we don’t either…

In the midst of hand-wringing uncertainty. here’s the constant: educators will do what educators have always done:  take care of their students. No matter how we are personally feeling, when we step across the threshold of our schools again, it will be all about kids.  

Resources to get you inspired.  Many thanks to our authors who have graciously made every single resource free of charge!

If you know someone who teaches math or you work in a building that offers math, or live in a state in which math is taught, or on a planet in which math matters:  Jerry Burkhart is an educator who believes in the wonder of math.  From Intrepid Math (4-6) to algebra projects. his materials are unique! https://bit.ly/38rD7yo

Interrupted learning brings additional concerns for our students who were already underachieving in school. How can we support our most vulnerable learners? Suzy Pepper Rollins has just completed an engagement guide for teacher led PD for her new book Teaching Vulnerable Learners (WW Norton)

You know that educator that everyone is like, “Where does he get these great ideas? Todd Stanley’s resources inspire intrinsic, authentic engagement in students. From Creating Your Own Political Party to My 600 Pound Life to projects…seriously!  https://bit.ly/38sJp0C

STEM expert Ann Kaiser has posted 3 design modules: Sustainable Design, Engineering Naturally, and Engineering Lemonade…plus “Engineering a Board Game.”  Head here:  https://bit.ly/2NVgjgP

Savanna Flakes’ Social-Emotional Learning Resource Guide is for EVERY toolkit.  This 6-page booklet includes marvelous strategies for SEL processes.

Thank you for supporting evidence-based practices!

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