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Instructional Gems for Inspired Learning

Everyone talks about how there is too much talk in the classroom, but how do we change that dynamic? The active, student-centered classroom begins with instructional resources that inspire curiosity and intrinsic motivation.

Our mission at MyEdExpert is not to have a million files to filter through in the hopes of finding one gem. Our contributors are all experts/authors/innovators in their fields.  Who has time to be a miner?

A few gems to examine to get every learner engaged and thinking…but checkout ALL of our authors’ portfolios!

Gerald Aungst is an author and “Creativity Engineer.”  New to our group, he has just shared a graphic organizer students will LOVE called, “Creating Cool and Curious Characters.”  https://myedexpert.com/vendor/gaungst/

Beyond special author Todd Stanley’s “The Trading Game” is an actual game that teaches supply and demand and his “Constitutional Debate” involves students in the debate!  https://myedexpert.com/vendor/twosox21/

Writing author/expert Angela Stockman has an entire treasure chest of gems, including “Creating a Notebook Nook” and “Building Writers’ Notebooks.” https://myedexpert.com/vendor/angelastockman/

Author Jerry Burkhart creates innovative, adventurous math resources.  His “Intrepid Math Problems” are crafted for multiple responses and treasuring a challenge.  https://myedexpert.com/vendor/jburkhart/

Looking for a different approach for teaching the branches of gov’t?  Active learning author Suzy Pepper Rollins has a station rotation experience that includes a card game, sort, and error analysis. https://myedexpert.com/vendor/suzypepp/

Speaking of station teaching, Dr. Katie McKnight recently joined our group and has uploaded her fabulous EBook on effective learning centers for older students.  It’s a wealth of research-based pragmatic info!  https://myedexpert.com/vendor/katiemcknight/

For middle and high social studies teachers:  You are SO going to appreciate the work that Sheila White is posting.  While you’re in her office area, grab her free “Historiography” for 7-12! https://myedexpert.com/vendor/sheilawhite/

Short, Thoughtful Reads for Us!

Louise Miller’s “Socratic Seminar Discussions”

Jerry Burkhart’s article on noticing and wondering in math.

Suzy Pepper Rollins:  Questioning Essential Questions:

Monica Genta’s “Science It’s More Than a Textbook”

Angela Stockman’s piece on “Building Better Writers”

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