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An Inspired Back-to-School List

Reflecting on what learning looks like in our classroom goes hand-in-hand with back-to-school. Implementing more student choice, getting the best out of our learners, and implementing processes that inspire and engage all students – just some of the ideas entering our minds as we prepare our classrooms.

In that light, here are 5 recommended resources at your fingertips to investigate:

1.  Laurie Westphal has written about a million books on DI and providing students with choices -her menus are famous!  She has crafted a Back-to-School packet with 7 files to create an atmosphere of choice in the opening days. (Just $5 – come on!)

2.  Todd Stanley is a gifted ed author/expert.  He has posted a picture book that’s an allegory for underachieving gifted students…but really for every student.  It’s about all the excuses learners might come up with for not opening their gift.  (Free)

3.  Dr. Katie McKnight has authored over 16 books.  If you are a secondary teacher who would like to effectively implement station teaching this year, her EBook is a MUST.  Perfect for Sci and SS teams to share.  (It’s $20 -worth every single cent – every page is great!)

4.  STEM expert Ann Kaiser has a short guide to implementing engineer design principles in your classroom.  (Free)

5. Everything in author Angela Stockman’s portfolio for teaching writing is fabulous for back-to-school & all year! 

+ 1! 
STEM author Carolyn DeCristofano has posted 5 elementary STEM-literacy lessons just for you!

Reading for every Teacher & Parent:

Dr. Ellen Hurst, noted expert on dyslexia, has an article entitled, “Why Can’t My Child Read?”  In addition, she has graciously posted her power point presentation on misconceptions surrounding dyslexia on our site.  Link to article:  http://www.edcircuit.com/why-cant-my-child-read/
Link to power power: https://myedexpert.com/vendor/ehurst/

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