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Jerry Burkhart is the author of the book series Advanced Common Core Math Explorations published by Prufrock Press. He works closely with schools and districts to provide resources, training, and consulting to support the development and implementation of research-based math programming for advanced learners. His books and professional development nurture adventurousindependent, and creative math thinkers through the use of challenging, standards-based problems and projects that develop deep mathematical understanding. 

In addition to presenting and consulting, some of Jerry's recent and current projects include:

Developing a tool, Ten Plus One, to help teachers modify standard math tasks to enhance their depth and complexity.

Creating a set of "Noticing and Wondering" prompts to develop students' mathematical creativity.

Creating the Intrepid Math series: sets of challenging, engaging, research-based problems aligned to Common Core math standards in grades 4 through 8. The first of these problems sets are now available here at!

Developing a visualization tool for upper-elementary and middle school math concepts: Magical Math Blocks.

Developing and teaching the course "Think Like a Mathematician" in Bangalore, India to gifted students throughout India through Educational Initiative's ASSET Summer Programme®.

To see slides from some of Jerry's recent presentations, please visit the Presentations page on his 5280 Math website.

To contact Jerry about any of these resources and projects or to arrange to have him visit your school or district, call him at (303) 578-6517 or visit the contact page of his website at