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Handpicked for Intellectual Blooming…Even From Remote Gardens

Resources from top ed authors to keep students blooming..,even if they are working from a remote garden…

Just posted! A Monday through Friday vocabulary choice board with highly engaging tasks.  Just enter your ten words and go! (Editable)

3 Sets of Puzzle Packs! Check these out in Todd Stanleys wonderful space.  https://bit.ly/34todWi

Just posted! Author Laura Greenstein has shared a wonderful resource on assessing at home…parts 2 & 3 have pragmatic examples! https://myedexpert.com/item/assessing-at-home-a-guide-for-teachers-families-and-learners/

Check out Angela Stockman’s micro writing prompts. Scroll down to the grades you need…https://bit.ly/2V18pa3    

ELA & ELL choice board by Beth Skelton in which student select ways to read, write, create, help others…Tons of educators have been grabbing this resource!

2 picks from Suzy Pepper Rollins:

  • Interdisciplinary task in which students create a plan to make schools healthier – puts students on the front lines as problems solvers responding to the pandemic.
  • Traits of Entrepreneurs is a self-paced exploration into what makes these risk-takers unique.Reading/Econ    https://bit.ly/2V18pa3

19 other ideas for home learning opportunities in this article by Todd:

Thank you for all that you do…and stay well…and six feet apart!

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