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Todd Stanley is the author of several education books including Project-Based Learning for Gifted Students, Authentic Learning: Real World Experiences that Build 21st Century Skills, and his latest, Promoting Rigor Through Higher Level Questioning, all for Prufrock Press. Additionally he wrote a series of workbooks for them entitled 10 Performance-Based Projects for the ELA/Math/Science Classroom. He is a regular contributor to EdCircuit and his blogs can be found at

Todd was a classroom teacher for 18 years, working in all types of gifted programming. He taught on a high achieving/gifted team grades 7 & 8, a project-based cross-curricular program for juniors and seniors, he created a gifted pull-out magnet program for 3rd and 4th graders called The Ivy Program, and helped to create the gifted magnet program for grades 5 thru 8 called Gateway. During this time he received his National Board Certification as well as worked as a trainer for the Ohio Coalition of Essential Schools, traveling to districts and helping them create curriculum maps and formative assessments. From this work he co-wrote four books for Eye on Education/Routledge, one of them being Critical Thinking and Formative Assessments: Increasing the Rigor in Your Classroom. After getting his administrative license, he became the gifted services coordinator for Pickerington Local Schools in Ohio. He has spoken at the Ohio Association of Gifted Children conferences several times as well as the Kentucky Association for Gifted Education. He lives in Pickerington, Ohio with his wife, Nicki, and two daughters, Anna and Abby.

You can follow him on Twitter @the_gifted_guy. You can also access his website at

Todd is available to offer workshops or speak to parent groups. Some of the talks he has given:

  • How to Ask Higher Level Questions
  • Using Projects to Build Capacity
  • Student Learning Conferences
  • Using Project Management to Create 21st Century Classrooms
  • Performance-Based Assessment
  • Case-Based Learning
  • Using Advisory Groups and Town Hall Meetings to Meet the Social/ Emotional Needs of Gifted Students
  • Guiding Students to Successful Collaboration
  • Myths of Gifted Children
  • Coaching in the Classroom
  • The Social/Emotional Causes of Underachievement
  • Tired of SMART Goals, Try Some DUMB Ones – The Importance of 21stCentury Skills in the Classroom
  • Authentic Learning – Methods that Engage Students in the Classroom
  • Using Rubrics in the Classroom
  • Project-Based Learning in the Gifted Classroom
  • Capstones
  • Underachievement Amongst Gifted Students
  • Gifted Programming: the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
  • The Difference Between Gifted and Bright
  • Profiles of Underachievement

If you wish to contact him about a speaking engagement he can be reached at