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Are We There Yet?

Seriously Fabulous Resources from Ed Authors to Keep You Going! 

Something new from Angela Stockman:  Self-Navigating digital writing units for middle & high school.  She designed these to “lighten teachers’ loads” during distance teaching.  https://bit.ly/3cv6JMa

And…Check out Angela’s feedback protocols for writing (all grades)

Erik Francis‘s DOK graphic organizer is spot on & a reference to be taped on our desks, walls, dashboards…well, you get the idea.

Lot of educators have grabbed this, so a second mention:  A Monday through Friday vocabulary choice board with highly engaging tasks.  Editable – by Suzy Pepper Rollins

What are students really thinking?  How about 100 Ideas for Activating Student Voice?”  A wonderful resource for teachers and leaders from Dr. Rick Jetter.  https://bit.ly/2RQFDHj

Absolutely essential download for every educator:  Beth Skelton‘s “Basic Stages of Language Acquisition.”

Feel like going shopping?  Grab your cart & head down every aisle of
Todd Stanley‘s wonderful space. He is just so talented…

Thank you for all that you do…and stay well!

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