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Bright Lights in Education

Monica Genta illuminates her classroom with tremendous passion and energy. This bright light is a classroom teacher, author, and presenter who (gasp!) almost left education due to all the “stuff.” We play her “Pitch Perfect” game and talk about some of her other techniques to ignite learning.  This is an encore presentation specially timed for this time of year! An uplifting half-hour!
Podcast:  https://myedexpert.com/encore-presentation-transforming-classroom-experiences/
Learn more about Monica Genta:  https://myedexpert.com/vendor/mgenta/

“Assessment Enthusiast” and prolific author Laura Greenstein emphasizes student growth over test scores.  Her “ABC’s of Assessment” Poster is just one of her resources, which highlight assessment as a way to engage learners. Grab all of her offerings at link:https://myedexpert.com/vendor/Laura-Greenstein/

High School Math:  Math professor Steven Warner has contributed an Introduction to Pure Mathematics for Advanced High School Students.  Includes a PDF, notes, and problem set.  There is a free version to start with, and another for a whopping $2.95.  In addition to being a math prof, he is an expert in college test prep, so check those out as well at link: https://myedexpert.com/vendor/DrSteve

To keep everyone’s lights burning bright, the wonderful therapist & Mindful Education expert Daniel Rechtscaffen has part of his workbook posted with strategies to help all of us be more present & reduce stress.

Social Studies: Sheila White’s  “Historiography for the Younger Student” is razor sharp in content and wit.  There are FOUR parts, all for around grades 5 and up.  These are free downloads that will light up your students’ intellectual curiosity.

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