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Instructional material should give the teacher flexibility. Lesson Plans and Units that have been created with options in mind can make alignment to Standards easier and still include demanding content to encourage critical thinking and college/career readiness.

Because of Sheila's independent school teaching experience, she has always emphasized college and career readiness in her instruction. Sheila has taught many gifted students and served as an Academic Dean for the Johns Hopkins CTY Program and a similar position for Duke TIP. She has also worked closely with reading specialists while employed at Northeastern University where she led history and education faculty to produce a world history anthology for students who needed remediation. More recently Sheila's literacy experience was used by Think Cerca, a Chicago company and Gates Foundation grant winner. Sheila has also worked in the testing and textbook publishing industries like Pearson and Edgenuity as a subject matter expert, item writer, and reviewer. Sheila's content area is history and she taught various social science courses including: Advanced Placement European History, Advanced Placement World History, and mainstream world history. She has also taught women's studies, philosophy, Holocaust, international relations, even public speaking. Although Sheila includes interdisciplinary material, she is primarily discipline focused and her instructional material uses that discipline as a vehicle to encourage rigorous classroom practice, comprehension, study skills, and good communication orally and in writing.  All Sheila's social studies lessons are aligned to Common Core Standards and Depth of Knowledge cognitive levels.

To learn more about Sheila's experience, see her LinkedIn Profile.

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Sheila also maintains a selection of images for social studies teachers on Pinterest and an account with Google + with emphasis on current issues in education.

Give one of the subject matter packets a try and to find out you can cover topics that were not previously possible.


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