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5 Author Resources You’ll Enjoy Like Crazy

From author Mary Cay Ricci: “Fixed to Growth Mindset Statements for Parents” & a “Growth Mindset Reflection Form for Educators.”

Science Teachers: You will love STEM expert Ann Kaisers NGSS Teacher’s Guide https://bit.ly/2S9TQ2d

Probably a good time to grab this from Dan Tricarico AKA “The Zen Teacher:”  These are activities to reduce stress and support teacher self-care.  https://bit.ly/2KBk3Ti

If you are planning on teaching Night or To Kill a Mockingbird, great idea to grab Louis Millers “Socratic Seminar Guides.” (free)

Logic and Sudoku puzzles & Cryptograms are located here in Todd Stanley‘s space. https://bit.ly/34todWi
(Todd has “How To” videos for these puzzle on his site,) www.thegiftedguy.com

Thank you for all that you do…and stay well!

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