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7 Strategies to Boost Student Success Right Now

7 right now strategies to create academic success in ALL students – That’s our podcast this week.  This is a step back moment.  What’s working…what’s not…what can we ditch?   These 7 strategies will help clarify what’s important every day to maximize student success.  Research-based, classroom-tested.

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Midway through the podcast (#4) is some “blah” news about just doing “group work” without clear purpose and student accountability.  One device that provides structure and purpose is the place mat.  Here’s a link to a template and examples:

So much research points to the power of the opening minutes: prior knowledge, memory, reading comprehension, and student motivation all get a boost from moving away from passive warm-ups and toward relevant,  thought-provoking kick-offs.  Some resources to check out:

Angela Stockman‘s “Firestarters” and “Idea Generation” resources.

Kristina Smekens’ “Bellringers”and Kick-Off Writing Units”

Rigor – that word we’re probably tired of hearing about – has to be practiced every day.  Otherwise, a gap might be created between what is expected of students on standardized tests…and what we’ve been doing in class.

Thanks to author Erik Francis for providing two quick-read graphics, one on Blooms’s Taxonomy and one on DOK.  Super planning tools!

Telling students “You’ve should have learned this word last year” is counterproductive.  Multiple, diverse exposures with pictures and every day language is where it’s at for vocabulary development. If you’re not using TIP charts, here’s a quick look at one…nothing fancy, but does the trick.

Grab Denis Sheeran‘s Pie Day Circle Drawing Contest.

Thanks for supporting best practices in teaching and leading!

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