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Encore Presentation – Bringing the Wonder of Math to Students

Bringing the Wonder of Math to Students
A Conversation with Jerry Burkhart

Math is so much more than pacing guides and practice sheets. If that’s the world you have found yourself in, totally understandable… but here’s some first aid! Jerry Burkhart is about math adventure, creativity, and wonderment. He is a math treasure who works with districts to create tasks that move students to really think about math. A big talking point in the podcast: The balance between the speed of math learning and true depth. He is a true believer that we (yes, you!) often underestimate our math abilities. Jerry helps learners see the beauty in math. He also provides some pragmatic guidance for all educators and leaders about best practices in flexible grouping in the math classroom.  

• Jerry’s very popular “Intrepid Math Problems” on our site – a whopping $5 to change the math world.

• “10 Myths That Hold Bright Math Students Back” by Jerry

• Jerry has a fabulous website with free resources for educators.  The one mentioned in the podcast: Creative Math Prompts – all grade levels.

• Jerry is the author of Advanced Common Core Math Explorations by Prufrock Press.



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