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5 Instructional Habits to Kick to the Curb

You’ve got to wonder, “Who came up with some of the instructional habits that are now mainstays in classrooms?”  And can we question these without hearing a collective “GASP!” from our colleagues? (It’s easier to track Bigfoot than figuring out where some of these started!) 

5  Instructional Habits to Kick is our slightly irreverent (but well-intentioned) poke at things we’ve been doing a while now that we might want to rethink.  Play along with your own list from your school! Oh, and we added a short power point with ideas you’re likely to find more effective than these ingrained habits.
Link to Podcast: https://myedexpert.com/category/podcasts/
Link to Power Point: https://myedexpert.com/item/5-instructional-habits-to-kick-to-the-curb/

Need a reprieve from standardized tests?  Assessment author Laura Greenstein has a poster called “ABC’s of Genuine Assessment.” No percentiles here! Just reminders of formative assessment techniques for real classroom growth.

Sheila White has contributed four amazing historiographies for social studies educators from middle grades through high school.  Good time to grab those as you lay plans for fall!   Thanks, Sheila! https://myedexpert.com/vendor/SheilaWhite/

Todd Stanley‘s picture book called “The Unopened Gift” was crafted for gifted education, but has relevance for all learners.  It’s a conversation starter about a nagging reluctance kids have to not utilize all of their intellectual gifts.  Good time to grab that for conversations now…or in the fall.  Of course, all of Todd’s educational resources are stellar! https://myedexpert.com/vendor/twosox21/

Last mention for a while, but if you haven’t grabbed Kathleen McClaskey‘s 2 charts on personalized learning.…well, you’re missing out! So glad that Kathleen has joined our group to share these top educational resources! https://myedexpert.com/vendor/kmcclaskey/

Thanks for supporting research-based practices in education and our authors who work tirelessly to share their passion and expertise with the larger educational community! Seriously, it’s so fabulous that they are posting these wonderful educational resources! Partake in them all!

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