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Ep 17 Using Stations to Elevate Learning

Using Stations to Elevate Learning
A Conversation with Dr. Katie McKnight

Well-crafted learning stations can be a marvelous thing to behold! Our guest, Dr. Katie McKnight, is the perfect expert and author for this conversation!  Learner autonomy, collaborative learning, authentic engagement, leadership skills – these are just a few of the possibilities stations bring.  But there’s even more! We know how easily students’ brains wander through these long school days.  Stations offer novelty, different ways of demonstrating understandings, and choice.  Not crazy about this station – guess what? There’s something new just around the corner!    

Katie is incredibly well versed in station teaching and literacy across content areas.  She’s written over 16 books, plus she works nonstop in schools alongside educators…that’s in addition to her vast classroom experience. So, get ready to get your stations going! 

• Katie’s great resources and bio on MyEdExpert

• Katie’s 2 websites:  https://engaginglearners.com/ and http://www.katherinemcknight.com/

• Her Twitter:  @LiteracyWorld



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