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Ep 16 Top 5 Instructional Habits to Kick – Can We Talk?

Top 5 Instructional Habits to Kick: Can We Talk?
by Suzy Pepper Rollins

Slightly irreverent but good natured in intent, here’s the “Top 5” list of instructional habits we might just want to rethink.  Sure, the brain needs habits; otherwise, it may get overloaded.  But which of these habits are working for our kids…and which should get kicked to the curb?  Here’s the crazy part: we’ve all done these at one time or another…why? Because they are habits!  Suzy has also posted a short power point of these top five, with alternative ideas for these.  So, play along with your own list from your school and listen up! CAUTION: This podcast may gently step on some toes…but it’s meant in fun. Buckle up…or wear sturdy shoes…or both! 

For added fun, Suzy has created a power of these five habits with alternatives… mostly pictures. Enjoy!

Link to power point
• Suzy’s Twitter  @myedexpert
• Suzy’s Website



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