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Where Do We Go From Here?

Dark hallways, silent sports fields, empty classrooms.  It won’t always be this way.  In some form or fashion, students will return to school. Where do we go from here?  Learners will bring with them a range of remote learning experiences. Some students fare better with online, distance learning than others.

A tactical, positive plan for schools has been crafted by Suzy Pepper RollinsThis packet includes: a) Summary b) Slides c) Planning Organizer
Here’s the link:  https://myedexpert.com/item/planning-for-gaps/

Speaking of positive, author Mary Cay Ricci’s”Fixed to Growth Mindset Statements for Parents” & a “Growth Mindset Reflection Form for Educators.” were a big hit last week, so here’s that link again.

Everyone just loves Todd Stanleys work…oft mentioned here.  Well, Todd has just created something captivating! “5 High Interest Projects for Students to Do at the End of the Year.”  There’s one for each grade level…
Link to all of Todd’s resources:  https://bit.ly/35umm3T

STEM peeps!  Ann Kaiser has two modules you’ll want to download: Engineering Lemonade and Engineering Naturally.  Here’s Ann’s space:

Thank you for supporting evidence based practices!

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From author Mary Cay Ricci: "Fixed to Growth Mindset Statements for Parents" & a "Growth Mindset Reflection Form for Educators." https://bit.ly/3bDzRkn …

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