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What’s Possible? Anything…

Educators create and witness possibilities every day.  Creativity in written expression, a novel approach to a math concept, a shift in perspective, a different path in thinking…The what if’s. The wondrous glory of a student who gets something for the first time.  There is no other profession that yields the rewards of being an educator.  Love of learning, passion for content, and a deep sense of purpose…it’s what drew us in and often keeps us going.

MyEdExpert is devoted to sharing innovative, research-based resources and ideas from thought leaders, authors, and experts.  Please share with your colleagues…and head to the site to discover the work of ALL of our authors.  We update daily on Twitter @myedexpert.

STEM expert/author Carolyn DeCristofano has an event kit for the NYTiimes bestseller, Rosie Revere, Engineer.  This open download has everything you need to take students through the engineering process.  Equally fabulous, check out her other SO creative open resources on meteorites, dinosaurs. K-4.  https://myedexpert.com/vendor/bhstemed/

For middle/high STEM learners, former engineer and STEM expert Ann Kaiser has 2 must haves: one is an open download on implementing the design process in your classroom. The other is a PBL activity ebook with loads of world-changing projects.  Every science department needs a copy! ($7) https://myedexpert.com/vendor/akaiser/

Math innovator/thought leader Jerry Burkhart believes in nurturing creative, adventurous math thinkers.  Known for his never-ending math problems, we are so fortunate that he has just added “Deep Algebra Projects” to his portfolio.  The possibilities Jerry brings to learning are inspiring! https://myedexpert.com/vendor/jburkhart/

Literacy expert Kristina Smekens has trained thousands of teachers in ELA techniques.  Her open graphic on teaching the 3 modes of writing is stellar…and has a video link.  20 Ways to Add Details, Summary Writing Frames.  Seriously! Grab all of these fantastic resources for your writers.  https://myedexpert.com/vendor/kristina-smekens/

Check out the open downloads inclusion author/expert Toby Karten has posted, including “Phonemic Awareness” and “Tiered UDL Literacy Planner.”  These are right from one of her books! https://myedexpert.com/vendor/Toby-Karten/

Encore mention:  Digital gaming expert/professor/author/Ryan Schaaf posted a fascinating look about teaching the “always on” generation.  It goes a ways in answering the question, “What’s wrong with these kids?”  These 9 characteristics are thought-provoking conversation-starters for faculties.  An open, short download that’s a quick, very interesting read. https://myedexpert.com/vendor/rschaaf/

A different type of gift is the focus of Todd Stanley’s “The Unopened Gift.” This open picture book is an allegory in which all kinds of excuses are provided for not opening one’s intellectual gifts.  Perhaps a good conversation starter for this time of year?  All grade levels/content.  https://myedexpert.com/vendor/twosox21/

Tired of Same Old Remediation Practices (With the Same Old Results?) A journal article about some Montreal educators with a different mindset and approach to closing gaps…and their promising results.  Rather than see deficits, they focused on the the possibilities! It’s in English – just scroll to page 37 for their story.  https://fr.calameo.com/read/001898804de933eb6e8e4






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