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Truths (And Myths!) of Student-Centered Learning

Some truths (and myths) about student-centered learning:  That’s the focus of our podcast this week.  The podcast outlines 5 big ideas to help continue our work in creating learning experiences that inspire deep engagement, critical thinking, collaboration, and student accountability.
Give this a listen here:  https://myedexpert.com/category/podcasts/

Big NEWS! This week only, Suzy Pepper Rollins has opened her pie chart instructional frameworks up to everyone. All grades, all content, leadership
Here’s the link: https://myedexpert.com/item/pie-chart-student-centered-framework/

Resources that help create those awe-inspiring, learner-centered experiences:  

Carolyn DeCristofano is a treasured STEM author, expert and resource.  In addition to her creative, playful STEM books for upper elementary students, she’s helped create curricula for science museums.  We are so grateful that she’s shared these (free!) lessons that accompany some of the most popular STEM books for this age group!

Deep algebra projects and “Intrepid Math” problems for gifted/high achieving students.  Author Jerry Burkhart inspires students to see the wonder of math.  Also, check out resources on his website.  Link is on his bio page.

From her “Tablecloth Topography” to making dead people talk, inquiry-based expert and author Laurel Schmidt’s work will spark your imagination.  All open downloads,
Her space: https://myedexpert.com/vendor/thanelaurel/

Thanks for supporting best practices in teaching and leading!

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