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Laurel Schmidt is a big fan of Socrates, the hemlock-swilling agitator rumored to have said, “I cannot teach anyone anything. I can only make them think.” Laurel has devoted her career to developing inquiry-based strategies because she knows that you can work your kids like rented mules, but if you’re working against the brain it’s tough to reach your goals. Welcome to The Think Tank where you can explore cross-curricular resources both free and more affordable than a latte that will put your students’ brains in high gear.

Laurel has written extensively about ways to stimulate critical and creative thinking, expand brain capacity, engage multiple intelligences and promote authentic learning in an age of standards. Her books include: Social Studies That Sticks: How to Bring Content and Concepts to Life, Classroom Confidential: The 12 Secrets of Great Teachers and Gardening in The Minefield: A Survival Guide for School Administrators, all available from Heinemann. She works with teachers and museum educators nationwide

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