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Some Really Bright Crayons

A fresh piece of paper can be a wondrous thing…especially with a new box of crayons! Possibilities happen on a clean sheet of paper…and new ideas can emerge.

The podcast this week can step on some toes! It’s about (GASP!) rethinking isolated essential questions and “I Can” statements.  In their place are something Suzy Pepper Rollins terms Standards Walls, which are visual depictions – road maps – for student success.  Accompanying the podcast are pictures of standards walls from classrooms/PD sessions across disciplines.
Link to pictures:  https://myedexpert.com/item/standards-walls/

Author Erik Francis has a compelling, fresh piece on Projects vs. Project-Based Learning. A deep dive, reflective discussion for all educators and leaders.  Here’s the link:

Speaking of Project-Based Learning, Todd Stanley has a “Tool Kit for Project-Based Learning” that includes blank student calendars, contracts, and rubrics.  Check that free download out!

Curiosity Engineer & author Gerald Aungst seriously uses the entire big box of crayons in his work! Two things to enjoy: “Creating Cool & Curious Characters” & “Keeping Kids Curious Classroom Framework.”

Growth mindset author (She’s a NYT best-selling author!) Mary Cay Ricci just posted a “Growth MIndset Goal Reflection Form” from one of her books that is most helpful! Here’s that link: https://myedexpert.com/vendor/marycayr/

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