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Ep 29 – How are Those Essential Questions Working Out? 

How are Those Essential Questions Working Out?
Suzy Pepper Rollins

Every day, students file off buses after seven hours of schooling to questioning parents, “What’d you learn at school today? Mumbled responses often sound like this: “I couldn’t tell you.”  Or worse: “Nothing.”  

This podcast offers a solution that helps students not just organize this mass of information coming at them but helps them retain information:  standards walls.  Rather than isolated essential questions or “I Can” statements, standards walls are a visual depiction of learning targets in the form of a unit road map.  Because a student’s day can be just too much! They move from ELA and figurative language and sentence structure to math and angles to science and lungs and social studies and the Romans! It piles on and on.  

This podcast offers some of the rationale for a different approach & steps to getting started.  BUT WAIT! THERE’S MORE! A power point with just pictures of standards walls.  Yeah, you! 

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