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Podcast Schedule: Hang Out With Ed Thinkers!

“You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.”  That famous quote is from business philosopher Jim Rohn.  And while it’s a tough one to measure, there is evidence of its truth.

As educators, who are we “hanging” with all day? With out hectic schedules, chewing food is often a luxury…when in the world would we fit in contemplation about big ideas in education?  Hang out virtually via our new weekly podcast!  At a click of a button, you’ll get inspired, short conversations with really interesting people in education…great for drive time.  Or even PD – each department or grade can chose one to share!

Our Podcast Schedule:  (These can be listened to on our site or iTunes. On phone, click Podcast Icon, search “Suzy Pepper Rollins.” )


3/21Dr. Monica Burns: classroom technology expert and author talks about “Tasks Before Apps.” She is a master of ed tech and brings must listen guidance to utilizing technology to master learning targets. Also, some cool new tech items!

3/26 Monica Genta: Motivational Monday!  The most fun you’ll ever have listening to a podcast! She is a dynamite teacher and author whose mission is to celebrate the awesome of teaching.  Got a case of the Monday’s? Here’s your cure! (Crazy to think she almost quit teaching early on!)

3/28  Daniel Rechtschaffen:  Better Days at School can be a reality for teachers and students via mindfulness techniques. That’s the focus of this enlightening conversation with this author and therapist.  Trust me you’ll feel better just listening to Daniel. So, push the “pause” button on stress and listen up!  

4/4:  Laurel Schmidt:  A treasure trove of expertise on the art of inquiry, this prolific author approaches teaching as “Let’s Be Curious Together.”  She realized early on that with crazy pacing guides her job was really to help students learn to think.  Fantastic ideas on crafting questions and how the brain learns, you’ll come away feeling inspired!

And the Winner Is…Our most listened to podcasts thus far: 

Episode Four with Todd Stanley on “Myths of the Gifted Learner.”  Turns out they drop-out at higher rates than expected and have persistent issues with social justice and fairness….

Episode One with leadership author Dr. Rick Jetter is about gathering human data – actively getting input from our students on their “turf.” He’s so dynamic!


So happy you’re hanging with us!


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