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Ep 03 Social Media and Student Communication – A Compelling Perspective

Social Media and Student Communication: A Compelling Perspective 
A Conversation with Angela Stockman

Rather than viewing social media as an inhibitor to our teaching, Angela Stockman makes a compelling case for embracing this medium as a teaching tool.   Truly an innovative thought leader, her perspective on opening new “corridors of learning” for students by utilizing technology to nurture writing is inspiring.  Although she describes herself as a “hot mess” in high school, she clearly has it together as an educator/author!  Look for her guidance in teaching “cool” and “warm” feedback in the classroom. Another overriding theme of this session is a poignant reminder to not make assumptions about our learners’ interests. Angela has graciously shared the most amazing resources on MyEdExpert.  Link to those:   https://myedexpert.com/vendor/angelastockman/

Her Twitter: @angela stockman; Angela’s website:  http://www.angelastockman.com/

Note:  This podcast is purposely situated next to that of Ryan Schaaf’s, who is a digital gaming expert.  Their philosophies about technology in the classroom are quite thought-provoking.

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