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Ep 04 Top Myths About Gifted Students…And How to Serve Them

Top Myths About Gifted Students…And How to Serve Them
A Conversation with Todd Stanley

There may be more misconceptions about students identified as gifted than any other group.  We might be thinking: high achievers who enter med school at fourteen, right?  Our guest author, Todd Stanley, helps clarify some myths about this group and differentiates between high achievers and gifted students.  Turns out, gifted individuals might need to be on our radars as potentially dropping out of high school.  Todd also builds the case for why he believes gifted programs are so essential to students’ development and well-being.

Todd’s open download, “The Unopened Gift” is one of most downloaded items on https://myedexpert.com/vendor/twosox21/.  It’s a story book used to facilitate conversations with underachievers – all the excuses we might use to not open our intellectual gifts.  In addition, he has posted stellar items for highly engaged learning.

Todd’s Twitter:  the_gifted_guy (Todd’sGiftedRants) 

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