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Keeping Students Motivated

What motivates one student to jump in and do his/her best…while other students’ eyes roll back into their collective heads? This conversation gets under the hood of what makes some students authentically engage and persevere …while others withdraw from tasks.  Students want to be successful at school, so what’s wrong? After a brief discussion of the fundamentals of student motivation, Suzy Pepper Rollins offers 7 tips that work across the board for learners.  Got some demotivated kids? Listen up!

Podcast: https://myedexpert.com/category/podcasts/

High interest tasks are a cornerstone of student motivation.  One of our favorite authors Todd Stanley just posted a free power point on the evolution of the phone.  Todd’s free trading game has been super popular…but check out the “Trial of the Big Bad Wolf” for high interest.    https://myedexpert.com/vendor/twosox21/

Jerry Burkhart is an original in math education, as are his resources.  If you think math is about worksheets…don’t even click.  BUT if want students to jump into the wonder of math…he’s the guy.  Check out his “Intrepid Math Problems” and “Deep Algebra Projects.” These are the materials I’ve personally purchased for schools on visits… They are $5.https://myedexpert.com/vendor/jburkhart/(Also, check out his website for math ideas.)

Socratic method expert & original thinker Laurel Schmidt has contributed some wonderful items, such as her free download called “Don’t Take No (or Yes!) for an Answer.”  Her geography tablecloth lesson is wonderfully hands-on and engaging.

Advanced high school math:  Mathematician and college professor Dr. Steve Warner has just placed an entire series of lessons on our site for you. “Introduction to Pure Mathematics” begins with a free bundle of lessons – the others are $2.95.  Link for those:

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