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Keeping it Real

Keeping it real is a mantra of our encore podcast guest, author Denis Sheeran.  First, he’s super funny so just listen to enjoy this guy.  Second, he provides great real-world ideas for bringing relevance from all around us into the classroom, like using the show “Chopped” and TV commercials.  He wrote an entire book on relevance, so what a guest for this fast-moving conversation.  (Relevance & value of tasks are key motivators for kids.) All Content & Leadership

Link to podcast:  https://myedexpert.com/category/podcasts/
Boom! Denis has an entire Pi Day bundle on our site for free, so grab that, Math peeps!

Creative, relevant ideas is a cornerstone of author Angela Stockman‘s work as well.  Her resources are amazing…and she has made all of them FREE…like her idea generator & maker moves.  Share with everyone! ELA, literacy, instructional coaches, leadership

Tons of literacy educators have found the ideas of Kristina Smekens super helpful, like 20 Ways to Add Transitions, Bell Ringers, and Opinion vs Persuasive vs Argumentative..free downloads so check those out! Literacy, ELA, interdisciplinary writing, instructional coaches, leadership

Using Spark Video? EdTech expert/author Monica Burns has a bundle of graphic organizers you’ll love! All content, 1:1 classroom, ed tech


Author Todd Stanley‘s creative thinking includes his Trading Game that just about every social studies teacher on the planet has grabbed…also take a look at his Evolution of the Phone.  If you are looking for a vehicle to discuss students who are reluctant to maximize their intellectual gifts, his “Unopened Gift” is spot on.  Gifted ed, social studies, interdisciplinary

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