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Henry Ford’s Not Hiring Anymore

Henry Ford had applicants lined up for assembly line jobs for the Model T.  The job entailed performing a repetitive, specialized task all day.  Today, companies are seeking far different attributes in employees.  This week’s podcast talks about skills needed TODAY…and how we can prepare our learners.  Oh, and grab the power point that accompanies the pod!  Link to podcast: https://myedexpert.com/category/podcasts/   Link to power point:https://myedexpert.com/vendor/suzypepp/

Facilitating thinking skills is perfectly situated in author Laurel’s Schmidt’s wheelhouse.  Her “Think Tank” resources include her open download “Don’t Take No (Or Yes) For an Answer:  The Art of Inquiry” and other fabulous treasures.

Angela Stockman‘s “Idea Generation” and “Firestarters” spark creative thinking.  Everything in her space is simply stellar…so get over there.  She has graciously made all of her downloads open to all!

Creative thinking across disciplines is a pillar of the most amazing work of Carolyn DeCristofano. STEM author of many books, her resources facilitate problem solving and literacy.  Check out all of her STEM literacy and extension activities…all open resources – Thanks, Carolyn!  https://myedexpert.com/vendor/bhstemed/

Thank you for supporting research-based practices in classrooms…and for appreciating the work of our educational authors who work tireless to share their work with the larger educational community.

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