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Ep 19 – Henry Ford’s Not Hiring Anymore

Henry Ford’s Not Hiring Anymore
By Suzy Pepper Rollins

In 1914, Henry Ford had applicants lined up for good paying jobs building the Model T.  What traits in potential employees were they seeking? Largely, the ability to perform a repetitive, specialized task all day long.  Boy, have things changed!  Companies today are seeking entirely different qualities in candidates:  independent thinking, problem solving, working well in a team, and communication skills.  How do we get there?  The great news is that the student-centered classroom can not only increase student achievement scores, but can also teach critical soft skills, such as leadership, team-work, and problem-solving.  This podcast outlines world-changing steps to take and some reflection about our current instructional frameworks and practices.  PLUS, a short power point accompanies this podcast, so that you can have the research cited…which is interesting stuff!  

So, hey, unless a Model T factory is opening up in your town, listen up! 

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Henry Ford’s Not Hiring Anymore

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