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Helping Underachievers Open Their “Gifts”

Our focus this week is on underachievement, particularly among gifted learners.  Author Todd Stanley talks about the root causes and habits of underachievement.  Jarring how pervasive this can be among this group of high potential learners!   One of our most frequently downloaded items is Todd’s story, “The Unopened Gift,” which sparks conversations with kids about all the excuses they might have for utilizing their intellectual gifts…appropriate for use with all learners.
Podcast with Todd: https://myedexpert.com/category/podcasts/
Link to Todd’s Resources:  https://myedexpert.com/vendor/twosox21/

For some of our students, it’s been a while since they have experienced academic success.. They can get trapped into a remedial model of backwards movement and futility.  Gaps can grow wider. Suzy Pepper Rollins has Acceleration tools for those ready to rethink the remedial mindset.  Podcast + power point + link to open chapter of her first book.  For those willing to try something NEW with kids who may not even want to get on the bus in the morning!

To support all of our learners, tons of educators have discovered a valuable open resource from Rebecca Coda:  Brag tags for teachers.  As part of the Let Them Speak! project (with Rick Jetter,) these provide opportunities for kids to provide feedback to teachers. (She’ll be on an upcoming podcast – YEAH!!) They’ve discovered that listening to the stories of our kids can be a cornerstone in transforming schools.
Grab here: https://myedexpert.com/vendor/rebeccacoda/

Especially for teachers working with writers:  Angela Stockman‘s “Maker Moves in the Writing Workshop” developed from years of work in discovering what works with reluctant writers.  She’s made this download free…by request…yep, she’s pretty awesome!

Thanks for supporting best practices in teaching and leading. A special appreciation goes to our authors who share their educational resources with the larger ed community.

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