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Ep 22 – Gifted Students Underachieving?

Gifted Students Underachieving?
A Conversation with Todd Stanley

Is there such a thing as a “struggling” gifted learner? Yes!  A significant number of gifted learners fail to reach their potential.  In fact, 1 in 4 of high school dropouts are typically identified as gifted.  Some are bored.  Others have learned to play the game of school so well that they just punch the clock.  And some students bow to peer pressure and try to appear less intelligent to just fit in.  

Join this fascinating conversation with expert/author Todd Stanley as we delve into the habits of underachievement and ways to help these kids reach their potential.  One of the most downloaded resources on our site has been his story, “The Unopened Gift.”  This tool sparks discussion with students about all the excuses kids may have for not utilizing their intellectual gifts.  

• Link to Todd’s resources

• Todd’s Twitter account

• Todd’s Website


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