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Ep 23 – Let Them Speak!

Let Them Speak! 
A Conversation with Rebecca Coda and Dr. Rick Jetter

How was your flight? How was the chicken? What can we do differently? It seems like every time we frequent a business, we’re queried…sometimes hounded… for feedback. Why? Businesses have learned that to thrive and improve, they urgently need commentary from their clientele.  But how often do we ask our clients – our students – their opinions about their school experiences? 

Rebecca Coda and Dr. Rick Jetter, coauthors of Let Them Speak! How Student Voice Can Transform Your School, are on a mission to change the conversational dynamic in schools.  The authors take us way beyond surveys.  They venture out onto students’ turf and gather vignettes about school experiences.  What they glean from kids is then used to engage the adults in the building to develop solutions and strengthen the school. Join in this inspired conversation that totally shifts the dynamic of the school house! 

Seriously fabulous resources these two have posted: 

• Rebecca: Grab those grab tags!

• Rick: Get his 100 Ideas to Activate Student Voice

• Link to their website

• Rebecca’s Twitter

• Rick’s Twitter


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