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Got Stress? The “Zen Teacher” is Here…

Podcast guest Dan Tricarico, after 25 years in the classroom, still loves his work. The author of The Zen Teacher and Sanctuaries, he is a passionate advocate for teachers taking care of themselves…and that includes reducing stress.  This must-listen-to conversation provides pragmatic strategies that will help you stay relaxed, focused, and present with students.  So, take care of yourself!
Listen to podcast here: https://myedexpert.com/category/podcasts/
Yippee!  Dan just posted a fabulous teacher-calming activity packet!  Here it is:  https://bit.ly/2UoX2cy
Dan’s Twitter: @thezenteacher  His website:  http://www.thezenteacher.com

How does Angela Stockman do it? This innovative educator just posted a document that challenges simply “establishing norms.” Called “Let’s Believe in Each Other,” she expounds on how we will support one another.  Use as a model; share in your planning groups. What a wonderful example of rethinking existing practices.
All of Angela’s Resources:  https://bit.ly/2I7JKuI

Daniel Rechtschaffen is a therapist, author, and professional developer in the field of mindfulness.  Good time of the year for these practices! He’s posted a booklet for you with mindfulness techniques.

In some areas, testing is already underway.  Often, there’s some down-time in the schedule.  Here’s a little structured fun for students: Todd Stanley‘s puzzle packs – he’s posted 3 of these.

Thanks for supporting best practices in teaching and leading!  As always, thank you for supporting our wonderful educational authors.

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