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Ep 42 – The Teenage Brain & How a “Fist Bump” Might Just Help

The Teenage Brain & How a “Fist Bump” Might Just Help
A Conversation with Terence Houlihan

As a classroom teacher and school counselor, Terence Houlihan became fascinated with the teenage brain.  This unique time in their lives is one of great change – how can we help them survive…better yet, thrive during this time?  Terence shares some fascinating research, such as how the teenage brain often misreads facial expressions, resulting in defensiveness. Plus, some amazing science about what the sleep-deprived teenage brain looks like – yikes! From their heightened self-awareness to hormonal changes to brain differences, this information is so essential in working with teenagers.  But the most interesting:  there’s actually research on the “fist bump” …didn’t see that coming!   

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