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What Would Captain Kirk Do?

School Principal Jon Wennstrom loved watching Star Trek with his dad. Over the course of many episodes, Captain Kirk’s leadership philosophies began to sink in.  This 2018 Michigan PTA Principal of the Year often reflects: “What would Captain Kirk do?” Leadership principles like letting the experts do their jobs and the effective use of technology come to mind. More than that, this podcast with Jon is about ways to build a positive culture at school, including a “Bust a Move” contest, Monday Morning Pep Rallies, and sharing the joy of coming to work.

Listen to podcast with Jon:  https://myedexpert.com/category/podcasts/
Jon’s bio page:  and YES, he’s the guy with the Superman cape:  https://myedexpert.com/vendor/jon-wennstrom/
Jon’s website:  https://jonwennstrom.com/  Follow Jon on Twitter: @jon_wennstrom

And while Jon draws on the leadership traits of Captain Kirk, Dr. Rick Jetter & Rebecca Coda use comparisons from the sea.  Have you ever worked for a Stingray? (They are vibrant, but lethal.) Or a squid…missing a spine.  Ahhh, but those dolphins.  This FABULOUS tool prompts great conversations about leadership traits…Is it safe to go into the water at your school?

Kathleen McClaskey has been a passionate advocate, author, and innovator of personalized learning for many years.  Posted on our site are her graphics that have been downloaded all over the globe.  One details the stages of personalized learning; the other depicts the differences between personalized learning, differentiated instruction, and individualization.  Must Have.

Fan favorite Angela Stockman just posted something called a SWOT analysis that enables us to consider the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats inherent in the work before us – so going to check this out!

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