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Stations, Baby!

Yippee!  We’re doing stations today! Thoughtfully crafted, station learning can be a marvelous thing to behold. Student autonomy, authentic engagement, critical thinking, and leadership development are just some of the benefits…plus the brain loves that novelty.  The fabulously talented Dr. Katie McKnight guides us though our conversation on crafting effective stations.  

Link to podcast on station teaching:   https://myedexpert.com/category/podcasts/
Link to Katie’s bio and resources on MyEdExpert:  https://myedexpert.com/vendor/KatieMcKnight/
Katie’s website:  http://www.katherinemcknight.com/  Katie’s Twitter: @LiteracyWorld

Speaking of stations, Suzy Pepper Rollins has her “Branches of Government Station Rotation” posted for all to partake! Middle/high social studies. https://myedexpert.com/item/branches-of-government-station-rotation/

Laurel Schmidt is a tremendous resource for inquiry based learning.  Love everything in her space, but particularly check out “From Nomads to Nebuchadnezzar: 25 Questions to Investigate the Rise of Civilization https://myedexpert.com/item/from-nomads-to-nebuchadnezzar-25-questions-to-investigate-the-rise-of-civilization/

Dr. Ed Thomas has a resource helpful for crafting math stations – it’s a math learning styles guide with strategies: https://myedexpert.com/item/four-learning-styles-and-their-impact-in-the-mathematics-classroom/?_sf_s=ed+thomas

MyEdExpert favorite Angela Stockman has great grabs, like writing prompts and creating notebook nooks.  All free – don’t miss out on these language arts resources.  https://myedexpert.com/vendor/angelastockman/

Thanks for supporting research-based practices in education and our authors who work tirelessly to share their passion and expertise with the larger educational community! Seriously, it’s so fabulous that they are posting these wonderful educational resources! Enjoy them!

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