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Special Edition: Higher Math Test Scores – Tips from a “Math Ninja”

Higher Math Test Scores:  Tips from a “Math Ninja”
A Conversation with Dr. Steve Warner

This short podcast is especially for teachers, parents, and students preparing for college entrance exams. It’s a conversation with Dr. Steve Warner, who is a math professor who specializes in increasing SAT/ACT/AP math scores.  Dr. Warner has written over 20 books on the subject and has analyzed feedback from thousands of students.  These are pragmatic tips for students to increase their scores in a short period of time.

Grab a pencil and take notes on this one!  This is nuts and bolts, highly pragmatic information that you don’t want to miss.

Dr. Warner’s website:  https://www.get800testprep.com/  He has placed some of his fabulous materials as well on MyEdExpert here.

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