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Ep 05 The Inclusion Classroom – Do’s, Don’ts, and Do Betters

The Inclusion Classroom:  Do’s, Don’ts, and Do Betters
A Conversation with Toby Karten

The co-taught classroom can be a wonderful professional experience and impactful for learners, but it can also bring challenges.  Special education expert and author Toby Karten provides sage wisdom as she offers five pragmatic do’s to support this collaborative model.  From positive mindset to shared responsibilities to the role of leaders, Toby’s pragmatic guidance will enhance our teaching partnerships so that all students can be best served…and help us avoid some classroom tug-of-wars.  Listen with your teaching partner!

Toby Karten has posted parts of her Solution Tree book Navigating the Core Curriculum on MyEdExpert.  In addition, links to her books by ASCD and Corwin can all be found here.

Toby’s very informative website:  http://www.inclusionworkshops.com/

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