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New Leaps? Or Same Old Thing…

“What’s wrong with our kids?” Nothing.  They are just different.  That’s according to author Ryan Schaaf, who advocates for ed technology, but also has a clear view of some of the impacts on our kids’ brains.  Particularly fascinating is what he details about changes in reading patterns from near constant use of devices.  A compelling podcast conversation everyone should hear.  He also has a free download of strategies for the “always on” generation.
Podcast: https://myedexpert.com/category/podcasts/
Download with strategies for digital kids: https://myedexpert.com/vendor/rschaaf/

Speaking of ed techMonica Burns is the ASCD author of Tasks Before Apps.  Her podcast on the 1:1 classroom is wonderfully pragmatic.  AND is you are a fan of Spark Video, she’s posted a free bundle of graphic organizers on our site! Thanks, Monica!
Podcast: https://myedexpert.com/ep-24-tips-for-1-1-classrooms/
Free downloads from Monica: https://myedexpert.com/vendor/MonicaBurns/

Can you imagine how long a business would thrive without feedback from clients?  Hearing from our students on an ongoing basis is what Rebecca Coda & Rick Jetter‘s work is all about. This is way beyond a survey here and there – they include students in conversations about school practices.  To help you in your efforts to gather student voice, both of these authors have terrific free downloads, including a gauge of where you’re at in the process…
Rebecca’s space: https://myedexpert.com/vendor/rebeccacoda/
Rick’s space: https://myedexpert.com/vendor/rjetter/

ASCD Author Erik Francis has a compelling piece on Projects vs. Project-Based Learning. A deep dive, reflective discussion for all educators and leaders.  Here’s the link:

Reading expert/author Dr. Ellen Burns Hurst has a power point for all on myths of dyslexia.  Great for sharing!

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