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How Can We Support Original Thinkers?

Gifted Education: Who Gets in Programs? And Who Doesn’t? Challenges they face…and a fascinating school for twice-exceptional students – a captivating topic with an equally compelling guest.

Our podcast this week is with an original thinker & former gifted student, Marc Smolowitz. In fact, he’s an award-winning film maker with over 50 films. His current undertaking is right up our alley. It’s called The G-Word, and it’s about being gifted in America. His film highlights the educational challenges, as well as the social isolation and emotional sensitivities these unique children sometimes face. Marc’s work calls on us to rethink some of our ideas about what it means to be gifted.

Podcast:  https://myedexpert.com/category/podcasts/

Must see compelling videos Marc has posted: One features the Big Minds school for twice exceptional students. Another has Van Jones from CNN talking about the creative thinkers he met in prison visits. You may use these in your schools or share in any way that you like!

Contact Marc via his website:  http://www.thegwordfilm.com/   Follow him on Twitter @thegwordfilm

Gifted programs advocate/author Todd Stanley is mentioned often here. His resources are some of the most downloaded on our site, from “The Unopened Gift” to his puzzles, which everyone is just loving! So, don’t be the last person in the universe to partake of Todd’s originality.

Great time as well to take a look at Jerry Burkhart’s quick read. “10 Myths That Hold Bright Math Students Back.”  (One is that it is “elitist” to identify the needs of exceptionally bright math students.)

Such a fan of Rebecca Coda‘s resources that build student voice in our schools. The 3 free resources she has shared make this important process so implementable.  Listening to student voices: a critical element of SEL

A huge welcome to Dr. Barbara Smith, who has authored several leadership books.  She has just posted some interesting open resources, including a 3-5 SEL log called “Be Brave.”  Get acquainted with her work and resources, which are all free, at this link:

Thanks for supporting best practices in teaching and leading!

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